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Starting from 0, Douyin earns money: hands-on teaching you content production, popular, monetization
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Starting from 0, Douyin earns money: hands-on teaching you content production, popular, monetization

Chapter1:CommonSkillsforShootingDouyin1.Practicalskillsforsettingthecover2,practicalcoversettingskills3,practicalsubtitleconfigurationskills4,backgroundmusic(BGM)configurationskills Chapter2:AnalysisofDouyinData——Tellyouwhatiseasytodo1.Vibratodataobservation,tellyouthesubjectanddirection ChapterThree:MonetizationMethodsandTechniques——ThreeMethodologiesofMonetization1.Monetizationmethod-media,e-commerce,brandideas2.Monetizationmethod-liquidationmethod,casesettinganddemo Chapter4:Fivecategoriesofvibrato—acasestudy1.Howtomakeapetcategoryfrom0to12.Howtodotremolodrainagefore-commerceandmicro-businesscategories3,howtomakeadeliciouscategoryfrom0to14.Howtomakeexplosivemodelsfrom0to15.Howtomakeaburstofentertainmentfrom0to1 Chapter5:MakeyourownDouyinTrumpetfrom0to1——Determineadvantages,resources,andinputs1.Contentpositioning,tone,andbenchmarkaccountanalysis2.Goodatareas,crowdpositioning,andcontentdifferentiation Chapter6:Makeyourowntremolofrom0to1——Howtofindcontentmaterials1.IntroductiontoInternetcontentsources2.Classificationofcontentmaterials3.Howtogetandeditcontentmaterial(applicationtool) Chapter7:Makeyourowntremolofrom0to1——Howtodoagoodjobinaccountoperation1.Accountswinatthestartingline2,doagoodjobofpositioninganddirectionallabels3.Tointeract,dotheformula→Likeit+comment+reshare Chapter8:Makeyourowntremolofrom0to1——Advancedoperationoffantrafficpool1.MasterthecorealgorithmofDouyin2.Cultivateyourowntrafficpool3.Combiningcasestoexplainadvancedaccountoperations ChapterNine:HowDoYouDoIt?1.TheraisingtrilogySystematicself-awareness3,shootingpoints Chapter10:EnterpriseDouyinOperations1.SummaryofEnterpriseDouyinOperation2.Analysisofenterpriseaccountclassification Chapter11:TeamsFormProductionIP1.HowtosetupateamtoproduceIP2.SetupateamtoproduceIPprojectcostsandbudget
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Hou Qianmei
Douyin wild celebrity, a single video playback of 60 million +, 1 week burst to fame
Chapter 1: Common Skills for Shooting Douyin
1. Practical skills for setting the cover
2, practical cover setting skills
3, practical subtitle configuration skills
4, background music (BGM) configuration skills


Chapter 2: Analysis of Douyin Data
——Tell you what is easy to do
1. Vibrato data observation, tell you the subject and direction


Chapter Three: Monetization Methods and Techniques
——Three Methodologies of Monetization
1. Monetization method-media, e-commerce, brand ideas
2. Monetization method-liquidation method, case setting and demo


Chapter 4: Five categories of vibrato—a case study
1.How to make a pet category from 0 to 1
2.How to do tremolo drainage for e-commerce and micro-business categories
3, how to make a delicious category from 0 to 1
4.How to make explosive models from 0 to 1
5.How to make a burst of entertainment from 0 to 1


Chapter 5: Make your own Douyin Trumpet from 0 to 1
——Determine advantages, resources, and inputs
1. Content positioning, tone, and benchmark account analysis
2. Good at areas, crowd positioning, and content differentiation


Chapter 6: Make your own tremolo from 0 to 1
——How to find content materials
1.Introduction to Internet content sources
2. Classification of content materials
3. How to get and edit content material (application tool)


Chapter 7: Make your own tremolo from 0 to 1
——How to do a good job in account operation
1.Accounts win at the starting line
2, do a good job of positioning and directional labels
3. To interact, do the formula → Like it + comment + reshare


Chapter 8: Make your own tremolo from 0 to 1
——Advanced operation of fan traffic pool
1.Master the core algorithm of Douyin
2.Cultivate your own traffic pool
3.Combining cases to explain advanced account operations


Chapter Nine: How Do You Do It?
1. The raising trilogy
Systematic self-awareness
3, shooting points


Chapter 10: Enterprise Douyin Operations
1.Summary of Enterprise Douyin Operation
2. Analysis of enterprise account classification


Chapter 11: Teams Form Production IP
1. How to set up a team to produce IP
2. Set up a team to produce IP project costs and budget
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