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Otoacoustic Emissions

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Product Features:

◇ Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE)

◇ Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emission (SOAE)

◇ Transient Otoacoustic Emission (TEOAE)

◇ High Frequency Otoacoustic Emission (HFOAE)

◇ Short pure tone otoacoustic emission (TBOAE)

◇ Contra Masking






Performance characteristics:

Otoacoustic emissions of DPOAE distortion products

◇ Multiple test points are adjustable to meet the needs of screening and diagnosis

◇ Input / output (I / O) curve examines cause of cochlear damage

◇ Noise standard deviation makes inspection results more accurate and reliable

TEOAE Transient Otoacoustic Emission

◇ Observe the signal-to-noise ratio in real-time with the spectrogram, and continuously optimize the testing process to ensure the accuracy of clinical diagnosis

◇ Time-frequency analysis chart can directly reflect the changes of otoacoustic emissions over time, noise, signal-to-noise ratio, and other information

TBOAE short pure tone otoacoustic emission

◇ Used to check whether the cochlea's reflection of short pure sounds is normal, and has the function of evaluating cochlear residual hearing

HFOAE High Frequency Otoacoustic Emission

◇ Scalable to 16000 Hz for early hearing impairment diagnosis and drug-induced hearing loss monitoring

Contra Masking

◇ Otoacoustic emission examination can cover the contralateral ear at the same time, which can be used for the diagnosis of auditory neuropathy


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