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◇ Spontaneous nystagmus test

◇ Cold and hot test

◇ Gaze test

◇ Shaking head test

◇ Glance test

◇ Anti-saccade

◇ Stationary tracking test

◇ Memory glance

◇ Optokinetic nystagmus test

◇ Reflective glance

◇ Positional nystagmus test

◇ Custom check items









Performance characteristics:

◇ Adopting high-speed interface technology, the image frame rate is higher than 100FPS, which is the highest video frame rate in the domestic market.
◇ Four-channel eyepieces can simultaneously capture the horizontal and vertical eye movements of both eyes, and the four-channel waveforms are displayed at the same time, providing inspection convenience for non-conjugated eyes such as internuclear ophthalmoplegia.
◇ Full-field liquid crystal sight targets enable patients to concentrate, strengthen stimulation to facilitate nystagmus, and strictly follow the requirements of the "Vestibular Function Test Expert Consensus" issued by the Chinese Journal of Otology
◇ Wireless remote control is convenient to control the inspection operation and reduce the accidents caused by dizziness in patients
◇ Multiple vestibular peripheral function tests are equipped with dual-screen display, and the eye movement image can be clearly enlarged to the LCD target, which is displayed synchronously with the computer monitor, which is convenient for observing the patient's eye movement image
◇ Multiple inspections are equipped with real-time nystagmus SPV (slow phase angular velocity) value monitoring function to help novice operators observe the dynamic changes of nystagmus without worrying about missing the nystagmus SPV peak
◇ At the same time, you can choose to enable the synchronized scene camera function for the nystagmus inspection, and record the examination process and patient status. At the later stage, you can export the integrated data video with comprehensive information such as eye movement video, nystagmus waveform, analysis data, and scene recording.
◇ The hot and cold gas stimulator is exclusively developed with an electronic otoscope function, which can display the tympanic membrane image on the LCD target in real time during hot and cold test inspection, strictly control the quality control of dizziness inspection, reduce false positive results, and effectively improve the diagnostic accuracy
◇ It is confirmed by comparative experiments that the sensation of nystagmus induced by the hot and cold gas stimulator is stronger than that of the traditional hot and cold gas stimulator, and is equal to that of the nystagmus induced by the hot and cold water stimulator.
◇ For non-structural vertigo diseases, such as PPPD (Persistent Posture-Perceptual Dizziness), which are becoming more and more concerned at home and abroad, optional endogenous advanced eye movement function testing items, such as anti-saccade, memory saccade, etc., and custom inspection Project, strong R & D team and expert team will cooperate with clinicians to jointly explore scientific research fields and help achieve scientific research results
◇ Output a variety of customized and personalized inspection reports according to different user needs
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