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TDT Neuroelectrophysiology Workstation
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TDT Neuroelectrophysiology Workstation

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1Multifunctional neuroelectrophysiology recording system

TDT acquisition and analysis of EEG, ECoG, LFP, Spike, EP, ABR, OAE and other neural electrophysiological signals, which can be used in neurocognitive science, basic audiovisual research, pharmacology, behavioral science, etc.

2Flexible modular hardware design

TDT users can choose modules with different functions to form their own research platform according to their research needs. They can be expanded into a closed-loop system by adding modules with stimulating functions such as acoustic and optical;

3True real-time processor system

TDT uses an independent real-time processor to avoid the delay problem of the computer itself. It can ensure the real-time nature of the data. For the induction experiment, it can guarantee the synchronization accuracy within the millisecond level of stimulation and acquisition.

4NMR compatible neuroelectrophysiology recording system

TDT can enter the nuclear magnetic cavity to record nerve electrophysiological signals.


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